Dear guests,

I have seen, also some sail friends from other countries visited my homepage. Unfortunately, it is too much to translate, however, I write to you here the most important informations.

The tallship 'Alexander von Humboldt' is a property of the DSST (Deutsche Stiftung Sail Training) since 1988. The sense of the corporation is to advance the youth to sailing and to promote the community and teamwork. However, on almost all tours older guests can also sail with us. No sail knowledge is required. The yachtsmen should be between 16 and 70 years old. Aboard we speak German, but most from us speak naturally also English. Dinner is prepared by professional cooks and is very good. During your stay aboard you are a part of the team. If you want to taste once the fascination of one of the last tallships of our seas, please, take contact with the official office of the DSST.    

I wish a lot of enjoyment.                         



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